How to join

Here on this page you will find an application form to print and complete. There is also a medical form to fill in. Once these are completed they can posted or emailed to the club secretary, or come along and deliver by hand at a session. We try to operate a very informal atmosphere, so if you are interested in participating, or just coming along to have a look, please feel free to turn up to one of the sessions. We will be very happy to see you.

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Costs involved

It costs £1-00 per annum to be a member of the CWFC and then each session is £3-50p. The club uses the surplus funds to purchase bibs, footballs, goalkeeper gloves and all the other equipment that is needed to maintain the club. We play charity games in order to raise funds for local charities, usually for the benefit of the types of ailment that elder gentlemen can be afflicted by.

Teas and coffees in the clubhouse are £1-00 per cup and someone will usually buy some biscuits to accompany the drinks.


There is no commitment to turn up for every session. Some players, particularly the younger ones (!), generally play on Monday evenings and Sundays owing to work commitments. We generally get around 20 – 26 players for a session, enabling us to field four teams at a session. Evening sessions are smaller, because we have fewer players in the younger age group, although we are always on the lookout for new members.

Membership of CWFC is open to 50 years old and above. Our oldest player is currently 79 years old and he’s a better player than most of us! Whether you are a former premier league player, or not at all skilled on the ball, all are welcome. Team selection is based upon balancing the teams so everyone gets an enjoyable game with like-minded souls. Whilst a competitive edge does appear during the games, all the players are very conscious of the dangers of rough playing, so this aspect features prominently during the games. Tackling is not allowed. You can read the complete set of rules elsewhere on the website.

The concept behind walking football is to enable us old’uns to participate in our favourite sport into old age, enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, get fitter and healthier, and generally have a bit of fun. That is what we strive for. We do a warm-up at the start of the session to try and prevent injury. Players coming back to football after some time away should give themselves some time to settle into playing, to prevent stresses and strains to the body. We have a first aider on site, plus other medical equipment to use if injury or other medical issue does occur.

We maintain a very friendly and convivial atmosphere within the club, although a competitive edge does creep in during the games! Many of the players will stay after the session ends and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the clubhouse with some friendly banter and mickey taking.

We have a committee of eight people, who you can see here. Elections are held every year for these positions and anyone can apply to be on the committee, although usually the places are hard to fill. We have a committee meeting once a month and any member is free to ask for a particular proposal or suggestion to be discussed.

We enter teams into both the Surrey and Middlesex Walking Football Leagues, where teams are segregated by age, usually +50, + 60, +65 and +70. This way the teams are evenly matched with regard to fitness levels, although the level of skill can vary. These leagues take place either on a weekday or Sunday, once a month for around half the year. We also run a local league between Cove and Frimley, once a month for six months on a Friday.

At the daytime sessions we normally have sufficient members turn up to field four teams of five or six players and each team will play three games in the hour, so every team plays the other teams. Teams change every week and these are informal games for fun and exercise. Games generally last for sixteen minutes, playing eight minutes per half.

We are very fortunate to have the facilities that Cove Football Club offer. We play on their 3G pitch, under floodlight in the winter. These all contribute to making CWFC a first class, properly run and successful club to be a member of.