Covid 19 Precautions

The pandemic has caused dramatic changes to the way society operates and outdoor grassroots sports activity has not escaped many of these issues. The demographic of walking football players mean that many of our members are within the higher risk groups.

However, maintaining levels of fitness and reducing obesity are two prime protective activities that the ‘at risk’ groups can do to mitigate the effects of the virus. Hence the benefits that playing walking football brings.

Before every session we take the temperature of all those turning up to ensure that safety aspect. Any player showing an elevated temperature would be asked to leave.

We sanitise the balls before the sessions and bibs are washed after every session, with no exchanging bibs during the game. We also make sure every player sanitises their hands upon arrival and we have sufficient supplies of hand sanitiser for this to take place. When staying behind for refreshments after the game, social distancing is maintained, even if the weather in inclement and we go into the clubhouse. It is large enough for players to maintain the distancing regime.